Hat size

To determine your hat size, measure around
your head at the point where you want your hat to rest.  Usually, that is just
above the center of the forehead in front, slightly above the ears, and on that
little bump in the middle of the back of your head

Measure 2 or 3 times to be accurate.

An average head size for a man is 58 cm and
for a lady 55 cm, in European Sizing



Loop the measuring tape around the body at
the waistline (near the belly button) to take the waist measurement. Depending
upon body proportions, there are two possible waistlines: a natural waist or,
for people who do not have a naturally indented waist, a de facto (chosen)
waist, where the top of skirts or trousers sits. Find the natural waist by
tying a piece of elastic around the person\’s waist, and having her bend from
side to side until the elastic settles comfortably in the hollow around the
middle of her body; take the waist measurement here. If the person does not
have an indented waist, adjust the elastic on her body to sit at the de facto
waist. This often entails moving the elastic above or below the natural waist.



Take the bust measurement by looping the
measuring tape around the fullest part of the chest/bust and straight across
the back, parallel to the floor.



Take the hip measurement by measuring
around the fullest part of the hip. Find the widest part of the lower body by
wrapping a measuring tape around the hip area and sliding it down the body,
note that the widest part may be anywhere from a few centimeters to more than
25 centimetrs below the waist.